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RayTalk Communications has an ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System

RayTalk Quality Policy and Core Values

Quality is an integral part of RayTalk Communications and our business principles. Quality is who we are and it guides our 

actions to deliver innovative measuring solutions but also motivates us to exceed our customers' expectations with quality service

and support beyond the physical products provided. To achieve this, it requires a dedicated team that is fully engaged and 

an awareness that quality is the responsibility of every employee at RAYTALK.

At RAYTALK, our quality policy and core values summarizes the essential elements of our commitment to guide us:

 Customer focus - fostering a quality mindset with the objective of developing, manufacturing, and providing measuring solutions

and services that meet our customers' expectations of which are on-time with zero defects.

     Leadership - committed to creating a culture of quality and integrity that extends to customers, suppliers, and employees. 

Committed to complying with relevant laws and regulations as well as establishing resources and 

processes to ensure the effectiveness  and efficiency of our Quality Management System.

     Continuous improvement - never perceived our current success as our final achievement. Continuously challenging ourselves to 

improve our products and services for the success of our customers and to deliver a competitive advantage.

     Teamwork - quality is the responsibility of all RayTalk employees. This requires a fully engaged team committed to serving 

customers and each other out of mutual respect and by adhering to the Golden Rule.

RayTalk Quality Standards

At RayTalk , we believe our organization depends upon customer satisfaction. Therefore, we must understand current and 

future customer needs,meet customer requirements, and strive to exceed our customer's expectations.

To insure each manufactured product is accurate and meets quality standards, RayTalk records all serialized products and 

maintains the last calibration certification date for the life of the product.

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